Training with tradition

Our Theory

For me, training with tradition begins with all the great horsemen and trainers that have come before. I have not invented anything special. What it comes down to is creating a relationship with the horse in a way that the rider understands, using the practical methods that I have learned in books, videos, and in-person along with hours and hours of hands-on experience.

Just like in any profession, those that find success and perfect the skills of the trade, have earned the respect of those in the industry. I have been learning from the horsemen I respect, with the hope that someday my clients pass down their knowledge to someone else with the same passion.

Part of the western horse community is neighbors helping neighbors and people selflessly giving their time and energy to making the industry better, and it is a tradition that shouldn’t go unnoticed.


From a young age Brit started working and training his own horse. Throughout the years he has researched and practiced different tools and methods. He has created his own training program using simple methods that work well for the rider to create a confident relationship in a way that is simple to understand. He also enjoys teaching his kids to rope and ride.


Brit Swaney

Meet Brit. Husband and father of 7 with a passion for horses and cattle and anything cowboy. He’s out there turning a dream into reality.

What we aim for

We aim to take a young inexperienced horse and give back a partnership with a calm horse and confident leader.


Our training program is a monthly commitment and will be sure to bring you, the rider, more confidence, and a better relationship with your horse.


We are always interested in working cows and doing day work. With many years of experience we would enjoy coming to help you on the ranch.


Horses For Sale

Did you know we sell horses? We take pride in our work, and the horses we’ll sell. We can take the work off of you and sell your horse. Contact us to see what’s available.



Price includes one month training, feed and board.
Vet and farrier services billed separately as needed.
Specialized feed may increase cost.

Boarding + Training

$1150/ month

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Get Started

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